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New Risk Management Framework

Everything you need to know about our new Risk Management Framework

Episode 1

Paul Saunders, chats to Ben Furlong from Estate Search about the upcoming changes to the Probate Practitioners Handbook.

With the ninth edition due out in early Spring 2021 we look at what law firms – and private client teams – can do to protect themselves from the increasing risks surrounding the area of estate administration and in particular what steps firms can take to protect themselves from the liabilities involved in failing to locate an asset which is later discovered.

Watch this Q&A to find out more:

Episode 2

Legal Eye MD Paul Saunders talks to Howdens Executive Director Martin Ellis and Divisional Director Colin Taylor about the impact of the pandemic on Professional Indemnity Insurance for law firms.

As firms prepare for renewal points in April or October, this short video outlines some of the key trends amongst insurers and offers some tips on how to best present your firm in order to obtain cover; and how to do so at the best available price on the optimal terms.

Episode 3

Paul Saunders, talks to Tom Lyes, Director of Engagement for Lawyer Checker, about the rise in cybersecurity risks caused by recent changes to working patterns and working from home.

Episode 4

Planning for and delivering a successful acquisition – whether you are the vendor or the buyer – is fraught with difficulty. In this episode of Legal Eye’s coffee break series, Paul talks to two experts about what can go wrong when carrying out these.


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