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April 22nd, 2018


Here’s what industry leaders are saying about their experiences…

Priya came in to our office to complete a compliance review for us in 2012. Since then we have never looked back. Priya’s approach to a frequently changing, complicated regulatory arena is simple, fair and practical. Priya is a very solution driven and well- rounded individual- her insight as a lawyer as well as an expert in her chosen field is invaluable to us as a firm. Priya is very much a part of our team here and we can honestly say she makes light work of compliance. We are very supportive of her and her unequivocal work ethic. – Harriet Weller (Partner) WSM (Solicitors) LLP
Priya is always very helpful and professional with all compliance related matters. I would have no hesitation in recommending the services that Legal Eye offer to law firms that require compliance solutions. – Matthew Stapleford, DigitalPod
The Compliance Bulletin updates are in a format that is quick and easy to use and understand. They are regularly updated and ensure our procedures are at all times correct. It is one less thing to think about, research & implement. The updates also contain useful links that instantly lead straight to the relevant information. – Georgina Woodman, Business Support Manager, Mogers Drewitt LLP
Legal Eye stands out as the industries “go to” legal compliance company where law firms are looking for external expertise. Legal Eye has helped Lawyer Checker develop its product by drawing attention to its applicability to COLPs. I would happily recommend Legal Eye to any law firm that wishes to demonstrate that they embrace a culture of outcome focused results for their clients. – Chris Harris, Lawyer Checker 2016
Priya contacted me swiftly in response to a query I had raised regarding a new venture I needed assistance with. It was at that point that I knew that Priya was a consummate professional who is exceptionally knowledgeable and engaging with her topic. Having immediately decided that Priya was someone who could assist me, a site visit was arranged to discuss the aims and outcomes of my venture and how this could be translated into a compliance framework. Needless to say, at the site visit, Priya excelled herself in making light work of how compliance was pertinent to my venture. A whole new world was opened to me, with fantastic points of view presented, and I have Priya to thank for that. In summation, I would like to say that I have been exceptionally delighted by the services that Legal Eye offer in this regard and that Priya is an invaluable asset to the company in assisting firms and individuals attain their goals within a rigorous and compliant framework. I would have no hesitation in recommending Priya and Legal Eye and I very much looking forward to forging a strong relationship with you as time progresses. – Dr Amit Varsani, General Defence Counsel, 23 August 2016
It is so good to know that there is an expert pair of eyes checking what we do and how we do it. – Tony Miles, Partner, Bobbetts Mackan, 22 June 2016
We initially made contact with Legal Eye after we had completed a successful regulatory audit. We wanted to ensure that the systems we already had in place were enhanced and documented as the business continued to grow. It was also important for us to commit to a plan of frequent visits to make sure that compliance was always given a high priority. We have worked with Legal Eye for 18 months now and without these regular visits it would have been easy to get on with “business as usual”, probably to our detriment. – Martin Crighton, Managing Director, Right Choice Conveyancing, 1 June 2016
We have worked with Legal Eye and specifically Norman Denton and Helen Glaze for approximately 18 months. They have provided valuable support in terms of file auditing, the upgrade to Lexcel v6 and also in obtaining the Legal Eye Quality Standard. Both Norman and Helen have taken the time to understand our business and how we operate which in turn means that the advice provided is practical, timely and ultimately works for us/adds value. We find the fact that Legal Eye have both a compliance and commercial understanding invaluable. – Andrew Graves, Managing Director & Solicitor, Rowlinsons Solicitors, 31 May 2016
Our work with Legal Eye and their consultant Emma Robin has exceeded our expectations. Emma was able to hold our hand and guide us through our accreditation of CQS and now Lexcel. We were impressed by the speed with which we accomplished our goal. We are regularly kept up to date with regulatory changes and therefore our procedures and documentation always remain compliant. I would highly recommend their services. It’s been an absolute pleasure working with Emma and we look forward to continuing working with them. – Zahid Alauddin, Partner, Kingfields, 31 May 2016
Thanks for all your hard work on Lexcel, you make it such a smooth easy process – Abigail Head, Partner, Frederic Hall Solicitors, 23 May 2016
CP Law Solicitors are a Lexcel accredited firm and are also members of both CQS and WIQS. Our demands on Legal Eye were therefore significant, as was our requirement for the service and advice they offered to be of an exceptionally high standard. Emma was immediately tuned into the needs of the practice and the simplicity with which she delivered her advice and assistance meant that we could easily understand what needed to be done and when it needed to be done by. Emma was incredibly organized and methodical in her approach and was instrumental in helping us get through our recent CQS, WIQS and Lexcel accreditations. The whole experience was incredibly positive and we cannot recommend Legal Eye and Emma enough. – Lee Pashen, CP Law Solicitors, 15 April 2016
“Fantastic news Helen and thank you again for your guidance, support and
assistance throughout. It has been a pleasure to work with yourself and Legal Eye.”
– Narinder Kaur Hayer, Director, MKV Legal Solicitors Limited, 7 March 2016
“Loschinee of Legal-Eye Ltd has lead us through the maze of risk management and compliance. Loschinee is always ahead of developments in this difficult area, explains and trains in a simplistic and efficient manner and is a pleasure to deal with.” – Vivian Vernick, Partner, Bude Nathan Iwanier, 2 March 2016
“Thank you for all you have done to support us through the Lexcel reaccreditation process. It is true to say that we have not looked back since we switched to Legal Eye and we really do value the service from you (Norman Denton) and the Legal Eye team.” – Kathryn Taylor, Managing Partner, Gordon Brown Law Firm LLP, 24 February 2016
“We began working with Legal Eye in 2015 to fine tune our Firms compliance. As a new firm, it was important we had the correct procedures in place to build on these foundations as we grow. We instructed Tina Gosal to ensure we were ready for the Lexcel assessment. Her advice and knowledge was second to none and the Firm is in a stronger position having gained Lexcel accreditation 9 months from authorisation. Tina was very prompt in responding to our emails and phone calls and highly efficient when she was on and off-site so this kept the costs down.We would highly recommend both her and Legal Eye.” – Simone Sahota - Sahota & Sahota Solicitors, January 2016
“We wanted to create an attractive, compliant and highly professional website for the firm. We were delighted with how the Legal Eye marketing services team took our straightforward brief and delivered on time cost effectively. A real pleasure to work with and highly recommended.” – Sophie Hutchinson, Partner, Paton Walsh Solicitors, 2 December 2015
“We were introduced to Financial Eye by Legal Eye with whom we were exploring a change in Compliance Partner. We were impressed with their breadth of knowledge and experience in the sector. Since our agreement began, Financial Eye have quickly demonstrated that their proactive hands-on approach leaves us free to fee-earn, look after our clients and deliver on our business goals, secure in the knowledge that we have a compliance framework in place and experts on hand to advise when needed.” – MPG Legal, Manchester, November 2015
“We have always taken compliance seriously and it is refreshing to work with a company that fully engages with us and is always available to seek practical solutions to our requirements.” – AMS Solicitors, Preston, November 2015
“As a new COFA, I wanted the reassurance, guidance and support in my role. Financial Eye have given me all of the above in an easy to understand manner with no jargon. Why use anyone else?” – Kidd Rappinet, Maidenhead, November 2015
“As a new sole practitioner I have found the assistance provided by Financial Eye in my application and set up to be perfectly suited to my compliance needs.” – Fairview Solicitors, London, November 2015
“Introducing a COFA matter file program has been invaluable and has demonstrated how simple it has been to become more efficient and profitable.” – Himsworths, Southend-on-Sea, November 2015
“The Team from Financial Eye make an invaluable difference to our business. They deliver solutions that are of real value and are highly cost effective. They understand our business and keep us compliant without the need for getting buried in paperwork.” – Bryan & Mercer Solicitors, St Albans, November 2015
“We were recommended to Legal Eye by a local firm and we met them at the beginning of the year. They explained what needed to be done to become CQS accredited and we commissioned them to prepare for us compliant documents, policies, procedures and the like in order to make a successful CQS application. We duly became CQS accredited and Legal Eye continue to ensure that our procedures remain compliant. We would be happy to recommend Legal Eye to any firms in a similar situation.” – Grant Needham, Managing Partner, Paton Walsh Laundy Solicitors (Wimbledon), 27 October 2015
“The Purple Legal Network team, its member firms and I found your talk on compliance so vital, yet done in a fun way. As the Bellwether Report 2015 confirms, continuing demands of compliance regulations top the legal SMEs business headaches with a massive 85% agreeing. Really glad to have such a professional service partner up with the Purple Legal Network offering our members a great service. Tina Gosal is an exceptional teacher, with an analytical brain who eases the compliance regulations’ headaches we all have!” – The Purple Legal Network team, 21 October 2015
“Training Eye’s “Avatar” style makes you smile as she delivers a serious compliance message about a very dry topic. Easy to log in to and follow.” – Melvin Berwald, PCB Lawyers LLP, 21 October 2015
“Mullis & Peake have for many years sought to supplement our Quality Solicitors requirements by engaging the services of an outside contractor to assist with particular reference to the continuing internal assessment. We have worked closely with Legal Eye since November 2012 who we have engaged on an annual retainer, a key part of which are quarterly on-site audits where our system and case files are subject to external audits and third party audits. This mirrors to a large degree the process undertaken by the external auditors at the Centre for Assessment. We have been delighted with the service provided by Legal Eye and in particular the insight brought by Priya Patel who is Head of Compliance and Risk Management. As a former practising solicitor Priya brings a level of insight that is hugely valuable both in relation to ongoing matters but also planned changes to the Lexcel Practice Management Standard. In a time of increasingly onerous regulation I have found it invaluable to have a point of reference to assess best practice and on occasion seek guidance and support that is perhaps lacking with our professional regulator. Legal Eye have been straightforward, clear and responsive whenever I have made a request.” – Martyn Trenerry, Member, Mullis & Peake LLP, 18 August 2015
“The Purple Legal Network team found Legal Eyes presentations on compliance vital to their seminars and done in a fun way.  It is a great way to showcase the partnership between Legal Eye and Purple Legal Network.” – Elaine Pasini, Purple Legal Network, 11 August 2015
“Who could have thought that a seminar titled ‘Complaints or Compliance’ could be both interesting and entertaining. I’m referring to the St Giles event that took place at the Malmaison hotel in Manchester on 08/07/15. All three speakers were excellent, and rather than just quoting all the rules and regulations as us they gave us practical solutions with humour thrown in. A very refreshing change.” – Amanda Eptlett, Myers and Co Solicitors, 9 July 2015
“Rachel is lovely and an accurate and fast typist, real attention to detail and as such we only outsource our typing to her.” – PI Costing
“Rachel is always available to assist with anything that we put through to her even at short notice. The work is always completed to our necessary high standards and also in the timescale required. Communication is also important to us and she always keeps us informed of the situation regarding workload and when work will be returned.” – R Costings
“We have used the services of Legal Eye for over 12 months now initially to support us in improving our regulatory compliance.  Being a small, but highly effective team, we have welcomed the support provided by Norman and the Legal Eye team in pointing us in the right direction with precedents and best practice. However, Norman has also been particularly supportive and helpful in the last few months as we changed our business structure and prepared our application for authorisation.  Although Norman rarely needs to visit our office, he is always available to deal with our queries and provide useful insights, guidance and suggestions.  I have to say it is one of our best decisions as a firm to retain the services of Legal Eye and would recommend them to other law firms” – Richard Cramer, Frontrow Legal, 4 February 2015
“Using Legal Eye saves us a lot of time and improves efficiency” – Kidd Rapinet Solicitors, 1 December 2014
“Legal Eye are personal, professional, always available and prompt.  They save us time!” – ORJ Solicitors LLP, 1 December 2014
“We have retained the services of Legal Eye for nearly 18 months and have found the relationship invaluable.  Initially to complete our accreditation for CQS but to generally ensure we are compliant with the legal regulatory compliance issues.  We felt swamped by the requirements of the SRA and others and it is uneconomic for us to spend time undertaking these tasks rather than fee earning.  It goes a lot further than that though as with the experience of Legal Eye we get a great deal more and for a very competitive cost.  We have formed a fantastic working relationship with Loschinee and cannot recommend her highly enough nor Legal Eye.  Loschinee is always willing to fit in with our timescale and is very responsive and is a real asset to our business.  I am happy to speak to anyone who wishes to obtain a more detailed recommendation.  I just wish I had secured the services of Legal Eye a lot earlier than I did.  Certainly a gold plated service.” – M Blenkarne, Apex Law LLP, 19 November 2014
I have been working with Loschinee for the last five years, initially in private practice and then when she started assisting us in terms of risk, compliance and best practice via Legal Eye Ltd.  I have always found Loschinee very professional as well as friendly and approachable. Her knowledge and experience is second to none.  Loschinee has been looking after our firm since the very beginning and she has given us a invaluable contribution to the success of our practice. Her advices and recommendations allow us to work with great confidence and provide an excellent service to our clients.  I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Loschinee and Legal Eye as they are an absolute asset for any law firm. – L Bernardis, Partner, B&M Law LLP, 19 November 2014
“Legal Eye are professional, well informed and supportive.” – Practice Manager, North East law firm, 17 November 2014
“If you need a compliance doctor, do not hesitate to call upon Legal-Eye Limited to cure your practice compliance ailments.  Whether in the event of an emergency pre-SRA regulatory visit to inject a sharp overview and assessment of your practice compliance procedures or to keep and maintain a compliance health check watching brief, you could not ask for a better business partner or more amenable bedside manners.  I have had the pleasure of working with Loschinee, Priya and a few of the other members of the Legal-Eye team, whose proficiency, resourcefulness and sound regulatory knowledge has proved to be superlative.  Trust and confidence is readily engendered by their friendly and personable approach and I highly commend Legal Eye to any law practice.  This team are 247 fire-fighters and they will not let you down” – Jassette Sue Pat- JPS Law, 15 September 2014
“The support and assistance that we receive from Legal Eye is exemplary.  Priya provides a knowledgeable and detailed compliance service for which we are very grateful.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Priya or Legal Eye to other firms” – Kim Peacock, Peacock and Co Solicitors, 15 September 2014
“Priya’s relentless work ethic, depth of knowledge and friendly approach have made her and Legal Eye an integral part of our firm and definitely add value to our business! They have been brilliant; the assistance and support they have provided in every aspect of our business is second to none” – Pragnesh Modhwadia- Managing Partner- QS Axiom Stone Solicitors, 9 September 2014
“I have dealt with Legal Eye Ltd over the past year, during which time they have provided our business with excellent support in the preparation of our Lexcel audit. Their work has been a major factor in our firms success, helping it to become reaccredited once again.  Their promptness in providing us with updates and requesting information was brilliant and their patience and knowledge on a range of subject matters was second to none. Legal Eye were on site at various points leading up to the audit ensuring everything was on track and when any queries arose they were always at the end of a phone or computer willing to help with our endless amount of questions. I can confidently and without a doubt recommend Legal Eye Ltd as a solid and reliable provider and experts in their field, I would not hesitate on using them again next year.” – Practice Manager, ORJ Solicitors LLP, Stafford 23 August 2014
“Priya is always very punctual and prompt in sending reports, arrives on time.  It is always clear what needs to be done to meet corrective actions.  Working with Legal Eye takes additional pressure off the fee earners.” – Sackers, London, 18 July 2014
“Ayishah is very approachable and professional.  She goes above and beyond her role and is very helpful.” – Fosters Solicitors, 20 May 2014
“Loschinee of Legal Eye is always at the end of an e-mail or telephone for help, support and expert guidance….totally indispensable!!! She takes the stress out of compliance!” – Yvonne Cordwell Partner, Stevens Son and Pope, 1 April 2014
“The partnership with Legal Eye has allowed Convey Law to become one of the most efficient, proactive and transparent conveyancing companies in the UK. Achieving the Quality Standard highlights the work Convey Law have undertaken in putting our clients protection and care at the forefront of our business model. We are incredibly proud of this achievement and the structure that we have built at Convey Law. It is great to offer reassurance to our staff, introducers and clients that we provide an excellent and secure Conveyancing model to work with. – Lloyd Davies, Convey Law, 8 November 2013
Since Legal Eye has been supporting us with compliance matters over the last 12 months we have noticed a major difference. Not only did we receive a glowing report from our recent Lexcel audit but Legal Eye was certainly a contributing factor in Rowlinsons securing the prestigious  Lexcel firm of the year award in October 2013 from the national Law Society.  It’s one thing for a firm to achieve and maintain the compliance quality mark that is Lexcel, but to be recognised for excellence in compliance is another matter and Legal Eye has provided vital support in that endeavour. – Denis Stevenson, Senior Director, Rowlinsons Solicitors, 4 November 2013
Legal Eye are brilliant for us. We are so confident of the service that they provide that we have already recommended them to other law firms. – Bryan and Mercer Solicitors, 22 August 2013
Legal Eye provided a complete service, took any problems and found resolutions and implemented strategies. We would definitely recommend law firms get in touch with Legal Eye. – Michael Ivor-Jones, Frederic Hall Solicitors, 22 August 2013
It isn’t just the fact that Legal Eye tell us what we need to do. They will put something together for us and instead of us being left not knowing what to do the precedents were tweaked to suit us. We were also given the details of how to put things together (e.g. updates required for the policies, registers and plans). Legal Eye has been fantastic and I am excited about getting to the end and being accredited with the Legal Eye Quality Standard. – Lisa Wills of John M Lewis & Co, Licensed Conveyancers, 22 August 2013
Norman has been working with me over the last twelve months to provide invaluable help and mentoring support to encourage positive developments within GWL. His support has helped us to focus on a number of key areas for improvement and develop a plan to make this happen. His experience and thought provoking ideas have helped us to consider looking at things differently. Norman and the Legal Eye team have helped immensely to improve our understanding of regulatory and operational risk management. We have relied upon the expertise that Norman and his colleagues have in advising on compliance matters such as OFR and the Practice Management standard for the legal sector – Lexcel. Norman not only understands all areas of compliance, his extensive commercial experience and personable manner enable him to encourage individuals to seek practical and appropriate solutions. This helps not only in achieving regulatory compliance but also in improving client service and operational efficiencies. Working with Legal Eye means he is also able to provide tried and tested precedents, techniques and ideas to assist the busy practitioner. All of this means that we have already improved quality of service and have identified areas that will make us more efficient in the handling of client matters. Ultimately, we can see that this will lead to even greater stability and the ability to achieve growth despite the changing marketplace that we operate in. I would have no hesitation in recommending Norman and Legal Eye for their focused help and support to embed lasting change within an organisation like ours. – Jonathan Hogg, COLP, Guy William Layton Solicitors, Liverpool, 14 June 2013
Priya’s support and expertise was invaluable in helping us obtain the CQS accreditation.We have been so impressed with her friendly and professional manner and knowledge that we are now arranging ongoing support. I would have no hesitation in recommending Priya to anyone who will listen. – Vanessa Morgan, Emin Read Solicitors, 5 June 2013
Whilst I was a Partner at Pictons Solicitors LLP I had the pleasure to work with Legal Eye. Legal Eye assisted me and Pictons Solicitors LLP work towards and ultimately achieve The Law Society’s Lexcel standard. Legal Eye are very knowledgeable and helpful and I am pleased to recommend there consultancy service. – Nigel Drake, 2 June 2013
Legal Eye have provided an outstanding service throughout the launch and first year of the firm. We are extremely grateful for her knowledge and expertise on compliance issues and she has helped us achieve a high standard quickly and efficiently. We would highly recommend Legal Eye’s services to other sole practitioners and start up firms. – Matthew Himsworth, Himsworths Legal, 13 May 2013
You really take added value to great levels. – Avi Barr, Read Roper Read Solicitors, Manchester, 6 May 2013
As someone who has worked collaboratively with Mr Denton since November 2012, I am in a position to comment on the extent to which his approach to our business has been of real value to it. My involvement with Norman has been in his capacity as a Lexcel Consultant providing support and guidance through his role with Legal Eye. The aim is to ensure we are fully compliant with all our regulatory obligations as well as achieving the status of the Lexcel kitemark indicating excellence. Norman’s approach is innovative rather than simply “box ticking”. These attributes reflect the fact that Norman’s experience is not the narrow one of someone who has spent a lifetime in the law, but that of someone with a wider and more commercial background. – John Elkin, Myers & Co, Stoke on Trent, 6 May 2013
We are delighted to be working more closely with Legal Eye. They have been working with many of our members for a long time and have gone the extra mile to ensure our members have access to their excellent compliance services. As the Conveyancing Association continues to build its member base we are delighted to be formalising our relationship with one of the leading compliance providers in the market.. – Eddie Goldsmith, The Conveyancing Association, 1 March 2013
We have worked with Legal Eye and Priya for around 18 months now. Priya has been instrumental in helping us move forward with compliance and the CQS requirements. She has remained constantly proactive, creative and gives of her time graciously whenever called upon. We have been delighted with Priya’s input throughout the implementation process. – Avi Barr- Partner Read Roper & Rear Solicitors, 20 November 2012
I was put in touch with Legal Eye through my practice management system providers, and I must say the level of service, care and attention provided has proved to be first class. Legal Eye have been a joy to work with and I would thoroughly recommend them to those firms looking for assistance with compliance issues and optimising their performance. We have just achieved the Legal Eye Quality Standard which we are delighted about. – Mubasher Choudry, Mubasher Choudry Family Law Solutions, Scotland, 15 November 2012
It is the beginning of a beneficial relationship and I am happy in the knowledge that I am in safe hands with Legal Eye. Priya’s tips to ensure compliance are invaluable. Excellent feedback from Priya throughout. There is no doubt that she offers an impressive service. I have had feedback from a number of consultants over the years but nothing at par with Priya’s understanding and eye for detail. The revised Office manual was a big hit with our assessor and not surprisingly, it received a glowing appraisal. Thank you once again. – Abess Taqi, Senior Partner, Virgo Solicitors, 1 November, 2012
It never ceases to amaze me at how knowledgeable Priya is in legal compliance. I am so pleased (and relieved) that Priya is on board to advise my business on the ever changing regulatory and compliance aspects in the legal industry and ensuring that my business is up to date on its duties. Absolutely fantastic. – Andrew Wong, WT Law LLP, 7 October 2012
Breeze & Wyles recently engaged Legal Eye to assist us the some issues relating to a large scale tender. Her approach was meticulous and innovative. She demonstrated a strong grasp of the clients requirements, our skills and expertise, and framed the appropriate parts of the tender accurately. I would strongly recommend anyone in the same position to utilise the services of Legal Eye Limited. – Brendan O’Brien, Breeze Plus Solicitors
Legal Eye were extremely helpful with our compliance issues. As a new firm they provided top rate advise in regard to our set up and continue to advise on new legal changes. Legal Eye recently helped us with our SRA check which took a great weight off us and our staff on the day. – Stuart Baldwin, Partner