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February 25th, 2018

Training Services

An All-In-One Training Solution

It’s time to take your training online. Training Eye is everything you need to easily and cost-effectively manage, train and track all your training types and requirements. Visit us now: www.training-eye.co.uk

Gone are the days of endless paper, boring compliance training and expensive man-hours to meet and manage your training requirements. Meet a refreshing, easy and hassle-free solution to get and remain compliant, assess competencies, deliver mobile-enable training to any device and track progress. In essence your all-in-one training solution! All the features you want – none of the hassle!

Personal advice and skills assessment to identify and develop required competencies

An impressive collection of bite-sized video-based modules covering compliance and business with scientifically proven techniques that increase attention and enhance learning

A mobile-enabled Learning Management System (LMS) designed to deliver training to any device and anywhere anytime

Integrated and easy-to-use tracking and reporting features to manage and automate all training types

Certificates of completion to evidence training and CPD compliance

Flexible service packages and payment plans to suit all shapes and sizes

We’re here to keep an Eye on your training compliance! Speak to your Legal Eye Consultant or Contact Us today!