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October 16th, 2018

The Legal Eye App

Need to keep up to speed on compliance and risk management on the move? Our innovative free app is perfect for all law firm employees – delivered straight to your smart phone or tablet.

Discover regularly updated tips on maintaining client care standards, ensuring compliance and transparency to engagement letters and terms of business to meet the code of conduct and other accredited standards.

Legal Eye’s offering of a portable compliance app is certainly taking law into the 21st century! Today, phones are not only for phone calls, they are used for dictation, note taking, accessing files and now they offer compliance services and advice, which is important as some lawyers work from home or work on the go. Legal Eye have identified that not all lawyers are desk bound and they have provided an application that makes it easier to ensure your compliance. – Carol-Anne Welsh, Solicitor, Just do Law

Legal Eye AppThere are handy snapshot guides on compliance requirements for:

  • – Anti-Money Laundering
  • – Equality and Diversity
  • – Complaints Procedures
  • – The Bribery Act 2010
  • – Code of Conduct and OFR
  • – Data Protection
  • – How to market and publicise the law firm

There are also detailed features on:

  • – How to structure standardised risk management policies between partners and the COLP.
  • – How to organise file reviews into an effective process.
  • – How to set up your core registers, business and marketing plan documents including effective resilience and continuity plans.
Smart tools to support your insight and workflow – The Legal Eye App is your portable resource to connect to the wealth of news, insight and training support from our nationwide network of associates.

  • – Carefully selected daily compliance and practice management news from the LE Twitter News desk plus exclusive tips from the team.
  • – View the latest Legal Eye seminars and add them to your calendar
  • – Share images, comments and verbal media from an event
  • – Find out who’s going to plan your networking.

Make it a part of your daily compliance focus – download the app NOW

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